How Promotions Work i.e. How We Promote Your Product

At Deals LLC, we have built up two networks

1) Deals Network of 2 Million Customers. This consists of 67 Niches, varying in size from 6,000 customers to 30,000 customers

2) Extended Network of 5 Million Customers

All these customers visit us to find out about new products, new services, offers, and discounts. 1.5 Million of these customers visit us every single day, and they rely on us to introduce them to the best new services and products

This is where you come in. If you purchase a promotion package with us, then we will introduce your product or service to our Customers

How the Exact Promotion Works

On the promotion dates we promote your product to our Customers. We provide them with all relevant information that will help them decide if it is a product of interest to them

1) Customers who visit us on our blogs see your product mentioned on the blog. Some of them will be interested and will visit your website to find out more

2) Customers who have downloaded our apps see your product listed in the app. Those who want to find out more will click on the link and visit your website to get more details

3) Customers who follow us on Twitter will see a Tweet from us mentioning your product. Some will be intrigued and will click through to your website

Depending on the promotion package you purchase you can reach anywhere from 5,000+ customers in one particular niche to half a million customers across our Deals Network and our Extended Network