About Deals LLC

We are a US company, Deals LLC, headquartered in Delaware, USA. We were founded in November 2015. We have a sister company, Final Fantasy LLC, which also does product discovery and product promotion. Our Sister Company was founded in July 2007

We have built up a Deals Network of Product Discovery sites focused on 67 specific Niches. Each Niche has 6,000 to 30,000 Customers. Across all our Niches we have 2 Million+ Customers
Our Sister Company has built up a Product Discovery Network of 5 Million+ Customers

We have worked with Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Google and have sold over 1.35 million paid apps and made $1 Million+ from paid app sales. We use everything we have learnt to help promote your products

We have worked with Affiliate Programs of over 1,000+ merchants and have made over half a million dollars in affiliate income, generating over $10 Million in affiliate sales for our merchants

We have worked with companies and individual creators and helped promote their products and sold over $1 Million of promotion packages. Over the last 6 months we have sold 2,700+ promotion packages while incurring a dispute rate of under 0.5%. The vast majority of our customers are very happy with our product discovery promotion packages, and we are confident you will be too

About the Deals LLC Team

We are a team of 41 people, spread across North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia

Our three co-founders are all computer engineers. This gives us a very good perspective on all the changing technology and we can help you navigate through it all to find your best fit customers

Our entire team is very focused on creating a great product discovery product that helps our end clients (every day customers) find great new products and services. We are equally focused on helping creators and companies (our business clients) find the right customers for their products and services

Our team includes people from the following countries – Canada, USA, England, Ukraine, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Macedonia, Philippines, Egypt, and Guyana. We are still missing 3 continents and hope to add team members from Australia, New Zealand, and South America in the near future