Reasons You Can Trust Us (Deals LLC) to Promote Your Product Well

There are 7 Main Reasons You Can Trust Us (Deals LLC) to Promote Your Product Well

1) 7 Million Customers rely on us to find them the best new offers and deals and money saving opportunities. We introduce them to new products and services and creators every day. 1.5 Million of these customers visit us every single day to find new offers and products. They trust us

2) We’ve worked with 10,000+ Creators and Companies to help them promote their products. In the last 6 months we’ve sold over 2,700 promotion packages across the Extended Network and the Deals Network

3) We have worked with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google and sold over 1.35 million paid apps and gotten over 3 million free app downloads. We know what it takes to sell products

4) Approximately 65% of our Promotion Clients become repeat customers

5) We have a less than 0.5% dispute rate over the last 6 months. We have a clear Terms of Service and clear Refund Policy and we give our best efforts to promote your product

6) We have generated over $500,000 in affiliate commissions from Affiliate Income, over $1.4 Million from App Sales, and over $1 Million from Promotion Package Sales. Please Note: Apps are sold through our sister company. Some Promotion Packages are also sold through our Sister Company.

7) We are solving the biggest problem we faced ourselves when we were building and selling Apps – how do you find the right customers for your product? We have built up 67 different niches to help other companies and creators solve this problem themselves and find customers that are a good fit for their products and services

We are very confident we can get your product in front of the right set of customers and we can help you get a lot of reach and visibility. We have a variety of offerings, including some very reasonably priced ones, and you can choose the promotion package that best meets your needs