Benefits of Each Review Service

1) Product Review – We will review your product and service, post a permanent review on the relevant blog, tweet it on our twitter accounts. The main benefit is that you get a 100% honest, genuine, well thought out review of your product or service. Please see the ‘What We Promote’ page to see a list of what we can review. Please note that we do not accept any free products or services or gifts. We only accept the Product Review fee, to cover our time and effort cost.

2) Sales Conversion Review – We will review your website and order page and order process and give you a comprehensive list of changes that will improve your sales conversion. We’ve sold 1.35 million paid apps. We’ve gotten over 4 Million app downloads. We’ve increased our direct sales revenues in our extended network 65 times in 2 years (while incoming client traffic only grew 2 times). So we know how to increase sales across multiple areas. We will leverage extensive experience to help you significantly increase your sales conversion

3) Virality Review – We will review your sign up process and your customer use cases (only the main 3 to 5 ones) and give you a comprehensive list of ways you can get your customers to invite their friends and family and share your services. We will help you convert your customers into a ‘free’ external sales team that does sales and marketing on your behalf. We grew our Daily Customer Add Rate from 30 a day to 10,000+ a day over a 3 year period – an increase of over 300 times. We will leverage every single method and strategy we used to create this 300+ times growth in our Daily Customer Add Rate. We will create a custom plan for you that will increase your Customer Growth Rate significantly. Please Note: Virality only works if you have a good, solid product. We can only help you if you have a good product that needs more customers. If the product itself isn’t selling, then unfortunately we cannot help you

4) Review 3 Pack – Get 1 Sales Conversion Review, 1 Virality Review, and 1 Product Review at a great combined price.

Please Note: We do not do reviews for any illegal products and services. Unfortunately, we also do not work with – adult services, pornography services, gambling sites, payday loans, cigarettes, and marijuana related products.

Top 8 Reasons to Promote with Deals LLC

1) Reach 2 Million + 5 Million Customers. We have a total of 2 million customers in our Deals Network and an additional 5 Million customers in our Extended Network (savings on things other than Deals).

2) Ultra Targeted Niche Customers. Reach the exact right customers for your product or service or company. We have dedicated Blogs and dedicated Apps and dedicated Twitter Accounts for 67 different niches

3) Only Real Customers. We only have real customers and real people

4) Clarity & Transparency. We state the number of customers in each niche. We also state clearly the number of customers in the Extended Network and in the Deals Network

5) Wide Variety of Options. You can reach customers in a particular niche, you can reach customers in a particular vertical, or you can reach a large number of customers across multiple verticals. You can pick a small 1 day promotion package for $100, you can go for a 10 day promotion package, or you can go for a longer month long promotion package

6) We Know Promotion. We’ve sold 1.35 million of our own paid apps. We’ve grown our own customer bases to2 Million Customers for Deals & Shopping and to 5 Million Customers for Product Discovery & Product Curation. We leverage this experience when promoting your product

7) 0.5% Dispute Rate. We've sold 2,700 promotion packages in the last 6 months across our Extended Network. We have a less than 0.5% dispute rate

8) Variety of Marketing Channels. With Deals LLC you can reach customers in each of the following marketing channels – Blogs, Apps, Twitter.

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