What You Get With a Promotion

Wide Promotions target customers in multiple niches. Prices and Promotion Lengths are listed above. Each Wide Promotion includes

1) Promotion to up to 10 Ultra Focused Niches. With one Wide Promotion you can target customers in up to 10 niches. Please Note: Only relevant niches will be included. If you do not have products in a particular niche then we cannot promote it in that niche. Please Also Note: We cannot promote in more than 10 niches due to logistics and labor costs

2) You reach your Best Fit Customers in multiple niches. If you have a Finance Product, you can get a Wide Promotion and reach all our customers in the Loans, Insurance, Bank Account, and Credit Card niches

3) Permanent Blog Post in each niche. If your Wide Promotion fits into 4 of our niches, you will get Permanent Blog Posts in each of these Niches. Please Note: We do not sell links. Please don’t ask us to use specific text in the link or in the blog post

4) Twitter Promotion. You will get Tweets in each of the niche accounts. For longer promotions you will get tweets every few days in each of the niche accounts

5) Ability to feature different offers and different products in each niche and on each day. Please Note: You must provide this information to us BEFORE the promotion starts. After we confirm dates to you, please send us all relevant information. Due to logistical reasons we cannot and will not make changes or accept special requests after promotion has started

Wide Promotions are a very powerful way to reach your Best Fit Customers across multiple genres. There are a variety of promotion packages so you can choose the one best suited to your needs

Top 8 Reasons to Promote with Deals LLC

1) Reach 2 Million + 5 Million Customers. We have a total of 2 million customers in our Deals Network and an additional 5 Million customers in our Extended Network (savings on things other than Deals).

2) Ultra Targeted Niche Customers. Reach the exact right customers for your product or service or company. We have dedicated Blogs, dedicated Apps, and dedicated Twitter Accounts for 67 different niches

3) Only Real Customers. We only have real customers and real people

4) Clarity & Transparency. We state the number of customers in each niche. We also state clearly the number of customers in the Extended Network

5) Wide Variety of Options. You can reach customers in a particular niche, you can reach customers in a particular vertical, or you can reach a large number of customers across multiple verticals. You can pick a small 1 day promotion package for $100, you can go for a 10 day promotion package, or you can go for a longer month long promotion package

6) We Know Promotion. We’ve sold 1.35 million of our own paid apps. We’ve grown our own customer bases to 2 Million Customers for Deals & Shopping and to 5 Million Customers for Product Discovery & Product Curation. We leverage this experience when promoting your product

7) 0.5% Dispute Rate. We've sold 2,700 promotion packages in the last 6 months across our Extended Network. We have a less than 0.5% dispute rate

8) Variety of Marketing Channels. With Deals LLC you can reach customers in each of the following marketing channels – Blogs, Apps, Twitter.

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